Sony Z Ultra build compilation

Hi there everyone!


To get this source code you will to follow as this has been written.

1.) git clone ubuntu

2.) cd ubuntu

3.) chmod a+x && ./

4.) try to make source build/

5.) lunch aosp_6833-userdebug

6.)  But instead wait for my device/sony patch to be released today I think

7.) ls vendor/sony

8.) make -j2 (-j X depends on the number of cpus and threads)

9.) git clone kernel/sony/msm8974

10.) cd kernel/sony/msm8974

11.) make mrproper and then chmod a+x

12.) ./

13.) finally connect to Ubuntu, the z Ultra and make sudo adb reboot bootloader

14.) sudo fastboot flash boot boot.img

15.) vol – + power to get download mode and flash system.img and vivid.tar.gz file.

But before 15 step I will give a flasher. Then you can use for this purpose only.

I hope this tutorial an idiot-proof.


Best Regards.


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